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Consider the Water Situation Before Buying Real Estate in Hyderabad

Those who are considering buying real estate in Hyderabad need to consider the water situation in the city. Increasing migration into Hyderabad has led to a resource crunch. Many residents of Hyderabad today face a shortage of water. Even some of the poshest localities in Hyderabad are not immune to this water shortage. Regions of Hyderabad that are inhabited by IT workers residing in posh gated communities in western parts of Hyderabad also have water shortages from time to time.

The Last Resort of Residents
Many residents of Hyderabad, even many who live in posh gated communities have to, from time to time, resort to receiving a supply of water from water tankers. The shortage of water at such communities is not a new problem but rather has been plaguing Hyderabad since years in the past. Today the severity of the problem may be acuter than it has been at any other time.

The average monthly cost to each household that uses a water tanker can be as high as five thousand rupees. Kondapur in Hyderabad is one region where there is a shortage of water, luckily the locality has used rainwater harvesting techniques which has led to a regular supply of water at Kondapur over the past six months.

The Issue with Bore wells
Unfortunately, the actions of many localities are making the water problem in parts of Hyderabad even worse. To get a regular supply of water, localities in Hyderabad have begun to dig deeper bore wells leading to a further drop in the water table in the city. Hence luxury flats in hyderabad that dig bore wells to new depths, in the long run, make matters worse for others and themselves since many such newly dug wells eventually dry up.

The water mafia is also taking undue advantage of the situation as there can be a demand for nearly 150 water tankers per day. Hyderabad’s Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage board has claimed it sends 50 water tankers to just one locality i.e. Kukkatpally.  

Regions Most Visibly Impacted
The western region of Hyderabad is the most highly impacted by the water shortages in the city. Since this region is home to numerous upcoming projects in Hyderabad, due to the construction activity the natural supply of water here has been severely disrupted.  Regions such as Miyapur, Hafizpet, Lingampalli, Chandanagar, KPHB, Yousufguda, Old Bowenpally, and Karkhana are a few regions from which water shortages have been reported frequently.

Experts Corner
After much of the sewage in the city has been treated, recycled, and put back into circulation there is still a shortage of water in Hyderabad. The cities reservoirs have been turned into cesspools due to negligence and encroachment according to experts. Experts have also stated that Hyderabad’s reservoirs are being dumped with rocks and debris all under the name of reclamation.

The Problem’s from Aquifers
Much of the soil in Hyderabad is laterite and to pump water through this kind of soil, bore wells have to be fitted with aquifers. A confounding trait of these aquifers if they can be turned off and when turned on five minutes later will supply water to the surface. This process can be repeated any number of times which means that underground water is depleted faster than it has the chance to be replenished.


Someone who is interested in buying hyderabad real estate  should very seriously take into consideration the water situation in the city.

Post By Shrikant Sain

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