Monday, 20 March 2017

Less Vacant Commercial Property in Hyderabad Than in Other Large Cities

As thousands throng to live in property in Hyderabad and to earn a living in the IT city, the lack of high quality commercial space will lead higher leasing values for companies that hope to have a presence in Hyderabad.

A Rising Demand For Commercial Space

The lack of sufficient high quality commercial space at a time when some of the biggest global companies are in a beeline to open offices in Hyderabad is not great news for the concerned authorities. Top Builders in Hyderabad with the initiative could profit from this situation either by building the required high quality commercial space or by charging more for existing spaces they own.

It is already well known that the demand for new commercial property in Hyderabad exceeds the demand for such property in Mumbai. Vacant office space in Hyderabad is less freely available than such space is in cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata. This leads one to the conclusion that the demand and supply of office space in Hyderabad is better matched than demand for office space is in most other large Indian cities.

The Most In Demand Regions

In prime regions of Hyderabad such as Hi-Tech city, vacancy levels are no lower than 5 to 5½ percent. This indicates that whereas regions of India such as Gurgaon and Mumbai have produced large swaths of commercial space that has few takers, commercial property in Hyderabad has a better and more balanced approach that more closely matches supply with demand.  Leasing values in regions such as Hi-Tech city have risen from 48 rupees per square foot as they had been a year ago to 60 rupees per square foot today indicating an upsurge in demand for commercial property in Hyderabad.

What the Future Holds

Leasing space is not likely to be aplenty until next year when several new projects in Hyderabad are expected to be complete. Much of the space in the upcoming projects in Hyderabad has already been pre-leased and will likely lead to higher rental values once the upcoming projects are completed and leased out.


Whether by luck or planning, builders in Hyderabad have the amount of leasing space in Hyderabad not too far in excess of demand for such property in Hyderabad.

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