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Property in Bangalore That Is Excellent For Investment

A few reasons that make owning property in Bangalore attractive are that the city has a huge IT workforce, workers that work in Bangalore’s technology sector tend to be well paid which leads to increasing demand for real estate property in Bangalore, it has a moderate temperature all year round, and Bangalore’s infrastructure is constantly improving thanks to impetus from the government. 

The factors mentioned above provide a broad view of how the cities economy functions and what keeps it humming. To really understand how well the cities real estate market works the need to gain an insight into the minute functioning of the different real estate markets of the city is needed. 

How Experts Think

Real estate insiders and Gurus believe that really understanding a cities real estate market requires delving deep into the details of the buying and selling of properties in smaller micro markets of a city. Real estate in Bangalore may also be best understood thus. One would also be advised to follow price trends and perhaps even plot price trends into a spreadsheet and by extrapolation try and understand where future prices are likely to be. Carrying out the mentioned activities would let one gain an understanding of the Return on Investment one would earn by investing in a Luxury property in Bangalore at a specific locality.

Using such tools we come across two localities that meet the criterion of providing an attractive ROI to investors who want buy real estate in Bangalore. The names and details about these localities are as follow


While earlier this locality towards the northern region of Bangalore was well known as a destination for tourists, today it is also a regarded as an attractive destination at which to invest in a house. 

What makes this peaceful region of Bangalore an attractive location at which to buy a house is that it has consistently provided a return of 2 to 3 percent year over year over the past few years. Another factor that makes Thanisandra an attractive location at which to invest in house is that it has excellent connectivity to regions such as Bellary Road, Hennur Road, Whitefield, the Central Business District, and Old Madras Road. The proximity to the prime commercial arteries and regions of Bangalore makes Thanisandra stand out as an investment destination at which to purchase residential projects in Bangalore.  

Hennur Road

Hennur Road is an attractive location if you want to buy a house as it provides direct connectivity to the International Airport. There is also not any shortage of available real estate in Bangalore in this region of the city and Hennur Road provides excellent connectivity to regions of Bangalore such as Kalyan Nagar, Hebbal, HBR Layout, and Banaswadi. The connection to other regions of Bangalore makes Hennur Road an attractive destination of at which to invest in North Bangalore. 

Residential property in Bangalore at Hennur Road has appreciated by an average of 4 percent year on year over the past few years. Buyers eager to buy luxury flats in Bangalore or affordable units in the city have numerous options to do so at Hennur Road. Experts have stated that for those with a low risk appetitive, buying property in Bangalore at Hennur Road is ideal as it is largely a mature investment destination. 

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