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The Up, Down, and Stagnation of Property in Ahmedabad Since 2011

Sales of premium property in Ahmedabad remained steady as the sales of flats in other segments dropped to their lowest level in six years. One of the leading real estate consultants in the country has revealed that the sales volumes of residential properties in Ahmedabad have reach the lowest point since 2011.  

Experts Corner

Real estate experts who work with one of the leading real estate consultants in the world have stated that during the second half of 2015, Ahmedabad property witnessed a recovery of 13 percent in the sales volume of real estate bought and sold when compared to the same period the year before. The trend that began in 2015 continued into 2016 with an increase in sales volumes of ten percent as compared to the first half of 2015. 

Can You Guess What Went Wrong in 2016?

In November of 2016 the government’s decision to demonetize high denomination bank notes brought real estate in Ahmedabad to a stand still. Builders and developers in Ahmedabad chose not announce any new projects and buyers too began to be cautious before choosing to commit to any purchases. Both builders and buyers began a wait and watch approach as post demonetization the markets grew uncertain. 

The Curious Case of Luxury Houses

Unexpectedly the volume of luxury property in Ahmedabad priced at one and half crore’s did not drop.  The number of luxury flats in Ahmedabad that were bought and sold remained steady and performed relatively better at the end of 2016 than did houses in other housing segments. Localities such as Ambawadi, Navrangpur, Prahlad Nagar, Vastrapur, and Satellite were the backdrops of numerous new projects during the past six months. Hence while the sales on houses in most segments fell dramatically post demonetization, the sales of luxury flats in Ahmedabad remained buoyant despite the ban on high denomination bank notes. 

New Launches Dipped

The number of new launches in the second half of 2016 was only 1,200, a fraction of the 4,000 new units launched in 2011. Almost fifty percent of the new launches at the end of last year were in the northern region of Ahmedabad. Localities such as Chandkheda, Ognaj, and Gota were the backdrops of a large number of new launches over the past six months. The second place in sales volumes of new launches in Ahmedabad goes to the west zone of Ahmedabad where 18 percent of the new launches were announced. Pertaining to property in Ahmedabad’s south region, new launches here have fallen drastically as builders in Ahmedabad here are still trying to offload inventory.  Even though 80 percent of the units among the upcoming projects in Ahmedabad in the southern region are priced below 25 lakhs, buyers are being cautious before investing here. 

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