Monday, 20 February 2017

A Pivot Towards Property in Hyderabad Led by Multinationals

If reports are to be believed property in Hyderabad over the past quarter has benefited from more than one factor. Experts believe that measures taken by the government has benefited the cities real estate sector. Additionally the GHMC has benefited from a corpus of 150 crore given to it by property tax payers in old currency denominated notes. It is expected that this money will be put to good use in municipal infrastructure projects in Hyderabad.

Reasons to Cheer

Real estate pundits in Hyderabad foresee that Hyderabad will become the single largest market for commercial real estate in India by the end of next year. The belief that commercial real estate will be at price points that make it attractive to companies underlies such sentiment.

If large companies do open offices in Hyderabad in large numbers then it would in turn lead to greater demand for Luxury property in Hyderabad as well. Already some of the biggest names in technology have opted to open large office centers in Hyderabad, snubbing Bangalore. If more companies begin to shift base to Hyderabad then greater employment opportunities at Hyderabad will lead to a larger number of people to purchase residential real estate in Hyderabad.

The Localities In for Good Times

If the soothsayers and pundits have it right, localities such as Hi-Tech City, Gachibowli, and Raidurg will witness an increase in the value of their real estate. The information technology workforce is typically composed of the most well paid segment of employees in any Indian industry. The number of employees in this niche segment employed in Hyderabad is expected to grow by forty thousand employees by the end of next year and will add significant capital into the cities economy and in real estate in Hyderabad.

The Loins Share of Real Estate Property

In Bangalore, two localities Gachibowli and Manikonda, together account for more than sixty percent of the demand for Top builders in hyderabad. The main reasons for the great demand for property in Hyderabad at these localities is due to their proximity to employment centers and because they have a sound infrastructure. In the future the quality of infrastructure in these localities is expected to improve and possibly lead to greater demand for new apartments in Hyderabad, by renters and by owners, at these regions.

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