Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Prime investment destinations in Hyderabad

Showing resilience to the Central Government demonetization drive, the Luxury flats in Hyderabad market has continued to move vertically in 2016. Influenced by the IT sector, proposed infrastructure projects, seamless connectivity and affordability the small markets in fringes of the Hyderabad city emerged as the top investment destinations and hub for capital appreciation at the tune of 4% and 8%.

There are several areas across the across the city which has developed on the back of-
·        enhanced living standard ,
·        business-friendly policies ,
·        a stable political environment,
·        robust  infrastructure projects and,
·        An appealing cosmopolitan ideology.
Here we have a created a list of localities in North western Hyderabad that have strongly evolved as the nerve center of Residential projects estate in Hyderabad-

·      Pragathi Nagar- Pragathi Nagar is the situated at the western outskirt of Hyderabad and has emerged as the one –stop solution for those seeking for residential options between Rs 25- 30 lakhs . The areas have a sufficient supply of 2 BHK and 3 BHK units which are sized between 1000 and 1500 sq ft with ticket size of Rs. 2400-2500 per sq ft.
The prime factors which are helping this area to develop further are easy access to the IT HUB and excellent road connectivity.

·      Kukat pally- The areas like Gachibowli and Hi-Tech city have lost their sheen as the hub for low cost housing destination. This has created an opportunity for Kukat pally to transform into a new cynosure for prospective end-users and investors. This area is offering multiple housing options at a very affordable price of Rs. 3900 sq. ft and because of this unique price the locality has become immensely popular with the mid –income group. The investors are also attracted to this area as there is a capital hike of 8%, YOY. The elements which are encouraging the growth of this area is are affordability, closeness to the IT hub and the upcoming metro rail project.

The Hyderabad real estate has grown leap and bound in past few years and it expected that it will perform much better as compared to other real estate markets in India. The demonetization policy has affected the overall economy and especially the real estate market.  However, we can easily conclude that Hyderabad has definitely done better than other markets. So, Hyderabad will surely attract the new home-buyers and investors towards it!

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