Friday, 24 February 2017

Stricter Registration Norms for Projects in Hyderabad

The presence of a large number of illegal projects in Hyderabad has led the Telangana government to ask builders in Hyderabad to provide a building plan as well as gain an approval of a projects layout plan before a property is registered.

The Intended Goal

Due to the prevalence of unapproved and illegal developments and to prevent land encroachment in Hyderabad, the government of Telangana has approved a strict registration plan for projects in Hyderabad. With an intend to enforce builders in Hyderabad to conform with norms agreed upon between the builders and the Telangana government, the goal is to stamp out illegal developments, put a stop to land encroachment, and create developments which are safer for residents.  

Implementing the Plan

Builders in Hyderabad will going forth be required to obtain a building and layout plan permission before registering a property. The revenue department responsible for registration will be working alongside the Municipal Administration and Urban Development to monitor builders who appear to register projects.

The Story In the Past

Until the new decision by the Municipal Administration, the registration department never sought the documents relevant to the building plans of Real estate in Hyderabad, their sanctioned layout, or the details stating whether the land had been approved for construction by the civic body.

The Emerging Changes

The actions by the Telangana Government have now mandated that all builders in Hyderabad henceforth submit copies of their projects layout, provide the layout of buildings on the projects, and provide the building permission received from the civic body, in order to have the property registered.

Illegal Structures Already Standing

Understandably builders in Hyderabad who have illegal structures already standing are feeling the pressure. The Government of Telangana however has not announced its intention regarding illegal structure that are already standing and are occupied. Residents who live in illegally built flats in Hyderabad may not feel the impact of the decision by the Government of Telangana. New projects in Hyderabad will receive scrutiny from the government going forth.

Changes Already On the Way

The demolition of existing illegal commercial projects has already begun in regions such as the old areas of Hyderabad and in important commercial markets.

Small Builders Under Pressure

Most of the illegal construction have been untaken and built by small-scale builders who are now feeling the heat. Many of the top builders in Hyderabad are welcoming the change, as they believe that it will lead to a regularization of their industry and also benefit the environment. The top builders in Hyderabad have agreed to comply with the newly set norms.

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