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Consider Frasier Town Before Investing in Property in Bangalore

Frasier Town is one of the best locations at which to buy property in Bangalore.  It is widely regarded to be self-sufficient and is a premium address in Bangalore.  Residents of Bangalore believe that the location of Frasier Town is strategically important. An expanding social infrastructure in Bangalore is leading to greater demand for property in Bangalore located at Frasier Town.

Driving Demand In Central Bangalore
Wealthy households that do not shirk, drive the demand for property in Bangalore at the center of the city and spend lavishly on new properties in this region of Bangalore. Localities such as Indiranagar, Rajajinagar, and Jaya Nagar are a few localities where the uber-rich like to live. Frasier Town also known as Pulakeshinagar has grown into a valuable locality over the past few years. The factor that led this region to gain in prominence is Frasier Town’s close proximity to Bangalore Cantonment due to which it attracted spillover demand from defense officers eagerly looking for a house. Today Frasier Town is one of the most sought after localities for residential as well as commercial property in Bangalore.

Rising Values in Frasier Town
In both capital appreciation and rental values, this region of Bangalore recorded a growth of 5 percent from October to December of 2016. Over the past six years this region has been the backdrop of tremendous development and a number of independent New projects in Bangalore have been formed here and gated communities have sprung up as well. Due to this surge in demand over the past few years, valuations here have risen from 4,000 rupees per square foot to 16,000 rupees per square foot. However the high asking price for properties at Frasier Town is not dissuading buyers from investing at the locality.  Favorable factors that benefit Frasier Town and drive its realty market are

A Prime Location and Connectivity
Frasier Town is located near MG Road, Infantry Road, and Commercial Street all three of which are prime commercial regions of Bangalore. The Outer Ring Road also provides excellent connectivity with and its presence has catalyzed real estate in bangalore at Frasier Town.  

Pricy Yet Competitive
Compared to other regions of Bangalore such as Richmond Town, Frasier Town is inexpensive yet is also a luxury market. Hence the competitive price of Luxury property in Bangalore at Frasier Town works in the localities favor.   

Proximity to Key Commercial Space
Many small and large scale industries as well as IT and ITES service parks are located near Frasier Town.

Quiet Ambiance
Despite its proximity to commercial space and industry, Frasier Town is largely a sleepy and quiet locality, which makes it attractive to buyers.

All of the factors mentioned above make Frasier Town a great place to buy a home. Wealthy investors eager to buy house in Bangalore ought to consider Frasier Town as an investment destination. Tier 2 Top Builders in Bangalore at Frasier Town offer the chance to buy projects that can be sold on procession for nearly a 25% profit.

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