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5 Amenities You Must Check When Buying Property in Hyderabad

When planning to buy a home, we all look for the best property. From location to the design, size, furnishing and amenities, we want everything to be the best. Home is not just a shelter but a place where we spend our rest of the life. To ensure that we live a happy and comfortable life, the property you buy should have certain amenities. If you are looking for luxury homes in Hyderabad, here are top five amenities you must check.

1. Ventilation: Though we use air conditioners and heaters as per the season, natural ventilation is also important in your home. When looking for property in Hyderabad, check projects for good ventilation and airspace. Due to high-rise apartments in every city, getting a well ventilated home is one of the biggest challenges. Buy a flat with ample lung space, light and air supply.

2. Power backup: Whether you are buying affordable home or luxury home in Hyderabad, regular power supply is a basic requirement. You should not negotiate on this, no matter how amazing is the design or how cheap are the property prices. For a city like Hyderabad, you cannot imagine spending a day without power supply.

3. Parking space: Most of the residential apartments are launched with private parking space. If you are planning to invest in upcoming projects in Hyderabad, carefully read about the specifications and parking space. Ask builder about the parking space for different flats. For instance, there should be space for at least 3-4 cars for a buyer of 3 BHK flat.

4. Pest control measures: To ensure good health of your family, make sure the house you buy is pest controlled. Though you can also get it done, but investing in a home which pest control measures ensure complete protection. You cannot wait for the problem to arise to find the solution.

5. Balconies and terraces: Top builders in Hyderabad are now launching projects with spacious balconies. Though getting terrace in apartments might not be possible for all, you can at least look for a large balcony. These spaces are important to enjoy the natural beauty, for sit outs and other purposes. 

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