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Declining Water Bodies Due to More Property in Bangalore

Households that own property in Bangalore may have reason to worry. The city of gardens faces a serious ecological crisis as a large number of water bodies in the city of gardens are being depleted because of an expanding urban population. An encroachment of upon existing waterbeds along with large-scale construction not only upsets the cities livability index but also poses a danger to the residential real estate in Bangalore.

The Underlying Danger

Bangalore has risen to prominence over the past thirty years as a top global IT destination, however the influx of migrants to the city is leading to a rapid expansion of the cities borders which may eventually lead to the demise of important water bodies around Bangalore. New projects in Bangalore which spew toxins in to surrounding water bodies pose a serious threat to existing pools of water in Bangalore.

Consider Bellandur Lake

An example to consider is that of Bellandur Lake which was ablaze for nearly 12 hours due to the presence of toxins in the lake. The toxins are a direct product of the residents of Bangalore, the number of which has increased rapidly over the past several years. Bellandur Lake has caught fire on earlier occasions as well, however on the last occasion many residents who have lived for decades in the city were shocked at the duration of the fire. Pollutants from Luxury apartments in Bangalore have been flowing into Bellandur Lake, the largest lake in Bangalore for years.  

What the IISc Has to Say

The IISc is the first Indian institute of higher learning to have been ranked among the top 10 institutes for education in the world. It has stated that over the past few decades’ effluents from industries and houses near lakes have been flowing into nearby water bodies. Just as a single spark can start a forest fire, so too can the slightest trigger lead to a fire in Bangalore’s polluted water bodies that have been accumulating toxins for several years. Owning property in Bangalore may not be advisable as the city may become unlivable in the future should preventative action not be taken. After the recent trigger at Bellandur Lake, experts are worried that in the future Bangalore may become unlivable and naturally, houses or flats in Bangalore would experience a consummate decline in value.  

Fewer Lakes than Ever Before

There are currently only 194 lakes in Bangalore as opposed to over 285 in the 1970’s. projects in Bangalore combined with cities urban sprawl is the reason for the fall in the number of lakes in the city over the past forty-five years. Many of the projects in Bangalore have been built in a haphazard and unchecked manner and hence not sufficient consideration was paid to understand how much damage would be done to water bodies in and around Bangalore. 

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