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3 Best Localities in Ahmedabad to Buy Apartments Under Rs. 40 Lakh

Ahmedabad is a city of businessmen. People here have amazing business skills and talent to use their money wisely. This is the reason they prefer to keep their money safe by investing it in real estate market. Growing demand for property in the city has made it one of the most sought after real estate destinations. Real estate developers from across the country are now vying the city with innovative and affordable residential projects.

And the launch of new projects is not just limited to luxury apartments in Ahmedabad. Builders are coming up with housing choices for every home buyer. Whether you are looking for a lavish home or an affordable housing project within INR 40 lakhs, every type of property is available in the city. All you need is knowledge of right locations to find the suitable project. Here are top three localities we have brought for you to buy a flat within Rs. 40 lakhs.


Satellite is one of the most preferred residential destinations in Ahmedabad due to its central location. The location works as a link between the old city and the other developing localities. Further, rapidly growing social infrastructure also makes Satellite a comfortable residential destination. This locality has seen demand for residential projects from both investors as well as end-users. As far as prices are concerned, in this area, you can find a home for price ranging from INR 5,100 to 5,900 per square foot.

When making any investment, our only concern is high ROI and this is one of the factors making Satellite a great destination for investment in real estate in India. The rental market in this area has also shown rapid growth enticing home buyers from every walk of life.


Situated towards the western region of Ahmedabad city, this area has abundant availability of affordable properties. Further, the influx of housing demand here has lured many developers to launch innovative residential complexes at attractive prices. Easy access to public utilities like banks, schools, colleges, hotels, medical facilities etc. has further made this location a convenient place to live and enjoy life.

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Those looking for affordable residential projects in Ahmedabad, but find it difficult to get a project in established localities, can look for options in Bopal. The price of properties in this area is further expected to fall, making it a great time for the investors to grab the deal.


When looking for a home, buyers give preference to a location with easy and smooth connectivity via wide roads and public transportation modes. This has worked well for Gota, where work for the metro station has already started. Real estate market in this region has developed rapidly due to proximity to railway station, airport, and proposed metro station.

Affordable land prices have lured builders and developers in Ahmedabad to launch projects in this micro market. The average price of a housing project here starts from Rs. 3200 per square foot. However, the prices vary according to the amenities and quality of structure offered by the builder.

These are some of the best housing investment destinations in Ahmedabad for people looking for a project within Rs. 40 lakhs.

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