Tuesday, 18 April 2017

how to choose best property in hyderabad

An status of an alleged illegally constructed property in Hyderabad on government land is being looked into by the high court. The high court had formed a committee comprised of the registrar, officials of revenue, and HDMA to look into the matter on the first of this month. It has been alleged that a private builder had constructed property on government land in Devathalagutta near Balapur in Ranga Reddy district. 

The Past Attempts 
The presence of the property on Government land had been reported to the concerned authorities after a PIL was filed by Devathalagutta Parirakshana Samithi Vice President. In earlier attempts to visit the site, revenue officials had been physically assaulted by persons on the site. 

The Scourge of Illegal Constructions
As is already widely known, the real estate sector in India is huge. In terms of employment and output this sector is second only to the agricultural sector in the country. Despite the success of the builders in India who are able to build high quality metro lines, expansive tunnels, high quality affordable flats in Hyderabad at a fraction of the cost of such flats overseas, and build hanging bridges to the highest specifications possible, across the world illegal structures mar the perceived quality of Indian buildings and of Indian builders. Were it not for the presence of illegal structures all across Indian cities, Indian cities would look dramatically different. 

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Illegal structures are not simply illegal, they are also unsafe to live and work in. The Earthquake in Bhuj Gujarat more than a decade and a half ago proves just how devastating the combination of illegal buildings and earthquakes can be. Many of the builders in Bhuj that collapsed had been built illegally and perhaps did not even conform to the most basic standards of safety endangering the lives of all those who lived and worked inside them.
Before becoming an ideal home that is a place of safety and happiness; a house or flat must first be safe and happy to live within. 

Bangalore is Taking the Initiative 
Bangalore has taken a great deal of the pain that comes with getting permission for a new project out of the equation. Now new projects in Bangalore can be granted permission online in a speedy process that cuts through a great deal of red tape and very likely negates the need to grease the palms of individuals. Hyderabad and other cities should also follow the example of Bangalore so that builders are not daunted by a process of seeking permissions that is fraught with bureaucracy and bribes. 

Builders who have upcoming projects in Hyderabad may have been overwhelmed by the process they had to go through to be able to build in the city. Some builders may simply have forgone the official process and built illegally and this former action is what creates the problem. Hyderabadi authorities should move the permission seeking process online just as Bangalore authorities have done. Doing so would make it easier to build property in Hyderabad and provide consumers with safer and happier homes. 

Post By Shrikant Sain 

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