Thursday, 27 April 2017

Buy Residential Property in Ahmedabad In a Locality That Has Everything

In the locality of Bodakdev a large variety of residenTial projects in ahmedabad is available for sale. There is an increasing demand for the large variety of properties for sale at Bodakdev many of which also offer a wide variety of amenities to residents of Bodakdev. Investors find Bodakdev an attractive place to live due to its location and due to the facilities available at the locality.   

Where in Ahmedabad is Bodakdev? 
Bodakdev is located next to the SG Highway a locality which itself has grown in importance as a real estate destination over the past few years. This region includes Judges, Bunglow Road, Sandhesh Press Road, and Ramdevnagar Road, and covers a region nearly as far as Gurudwara Bodakdev spanning a total area of 3 to 4 kilometers.  
The Amenities at Bodakdev 
The region that falls within Bodakdev has within its borders nearly every single major bank branch and retail outlet. There are also numerous food outlets at Bodakdev and most major international food outlets have a presence here. Convenience stores, Grocery shops can be found in every corner of Bodakdev. If this were not enough, there is an abundance of malls in this region with a large number of goods for visitors to Bodakdev, or for those lucky enough to live in this prosperous region of Ahmedabad, to buy.   

Prices of Bodakdev Real Estate 
In Bodakdev the price of residential property is not inexpensive.  A 4 BHK unit here can range between 6,500 rupees per square foot to 7,200 rupees per square foot. The price of smaller and less luxurious properties ranges from 4,300 to 5,500 rupees per square foot.  
Despite the availability of affordable propErty in Ahmedabad at Bodakdev, this region is better known as an upmarket real estate neighborhood due to its prime location and due to the amenities present within the locality. Bodakdev is highly popular among households who are looking for a large living area and spacious apartments. 

Who Invests at Bodakdev? 
Often those who invest in a home at Bodakdev do so because they work in a place that is further on the outskirts of the ring road. Hence buying a house Bodakdev enables residents to enjoy the big city life while commuting with ease to their place of employment. What is unique about Bodakdev is that it is a kind of testing ground where builders iN ahmedabad build to ascertain whether building further on the outskirts of Ahmedabad is as yet feasible or if it is yet not feasible.

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